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My First ‘Small Win’

Last updated on June 9, 2016

My first blog post.  How it came to be that I’m sitting down and writing this is from my good friends at ExpressFit4Life.  I had an opportunity to meet Stephanie a few years back at a local fitness center.  I took her classes, she pushed me to work… hard.  When she left that facility she left a huge void.  But this girl is a diamond, you can’t break her.  With her positive and inspirational outlook on life like no one I’ve ever met, she started something new.

Stephanie, along with her partner Cat,  started her own company at ExpressFit4Life.  I followed them on Instagram, watched their videos and was lucky enough to attend one of their fitness classes.  What I gained from following their posts was not how to do a proper lunge or make a new healthy meal (while both are very useful).  Instead they turned me on to a book that was their inspiration for their company, The Slight Edge, by Jeff Olson.  The book’s main premise is simply is “not just to ‘talk the talk,’ but to truly ‘walk the walk’ by making small, positive changes that ripple outward”.  Express Fit tweaked this idea and called it ‘small wins daily’.  I liked it.  I liked it so much that I thought I could do it too.

So here is my ‘small daily win’.  I started a blog.  I’m hoping that readers will find what I have to blog about will be useful, informative and fun. And I hope I can do it with as much of the talent and enthusiasm of my friends at ExpressFit4Life.


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    I like my toofers. I’ll check back later to read more about toofers.

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